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Office 365 - SharePoint Online

What is SharePoint Online?
Microsoft SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, which enables an organization to easily create and manage custom team-focused and project-focused sites for collaboration. In addition, it’s possible to deploy an organization-wide intranet portal used to disseminate information and news across the organization.

The Virginia Tech Office 365 SharePoint Online environment is subdivided into two categories:
  • SharePoint Online – User
  • SharePoint Online – Departmental
While both categories fundamentally operate in the same manner, each has a distinct set of end user license agreements (EULA) (for user), memorandum of understanding (MOU)(for department) and design limitations.

Getting Started
For SharePoint Online – User (Individual Use)
  • Currently available to active Faculty and Staff
  • Verify you have a Hokies (Active Directory) ID account and activate your license. If you don't already have a Hokies account, see:  Getting a Hokies ID.

    1. Go to ADadmin and log in with your Hokies credentials.
    2. On 3/11/16, this service enabled 2-Factor Authentication. Users who have already enrolled in 2-Factor will use it here as well. Users who have not yet enrolled in 2-Factor will continue to log in as before. On 7/4/16, this service will require 2-Factor for all users.
      For more information, go to
    3. Activate your VT Office 365 - SharePoint Online license
      1. Select the Messaging/Collaboration menu item
      2. Select the View/Edit VT Office 365 Licenses menu item
      3. Click the Activate button next to SharePoint Plan 1 for EDU
      4. Accept the EULA
      5. Verify you have a green check next to SharePoint Plan 1 for EDU
      6. Close the window
      7. Logout of ADadmin
    4. Go to Office 365 Portal to access your SharePoint MySite
      1. When prompted for a username, use <hokies_id>
      2. When prompted for a password, use your Hokies password
      3. If prompted, enter 2-Factor (see 2-Factor Authentication notice above)
      4. Click on the Sites in the upper right corner of the site
  • Questions?  See our FAQ page.

For SharePoint Online – Departmental (Departmental Use)
  • Currently available to colleges or departments that have an OU (Organizational Unit) with the VT Active Directory root (Hokies)
  • Departments are eligible for an OU within the Hokies domain if they maintain a DNS sub-domain within the CNS DNS namespace

    1. For a list of current sub-domains, see:   IPR Query Result for OU information
    2. Questions about getting a CNS DNS sub-domain can be sent to:
  • For those who already have the requisite OU, you will need to fill out an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which explains the rights and responsibilities afforded to you for a section of the VT Office 365 - SharePoint Online instance

    1. You can find the MOU at:   VTO365-SPO_MOU.pdf
    2. Fill this out, get all the required signatures and send it to the address indicated in the document
    3. Once provisioned, you will have a custom URL to your site collection in the form:
  • Questions?  See our FAQ page.


Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble, see the FAQ page for details.